A Wall Of Fire Rising Summary

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Haifa Aljadou
Dec 21,2016
Marxist Theory

A Wall of Fire Rising

“A Wall of Fire Rising” is a short story in which Edwidge Danticat the author, present the struggling of a man who wants to provaid to his family and accomplish his dreams to a better life for himself with his wife and son, in the short story we are introduced to the main characters Guy is the father and Lili his wife, the last character is the son which is refer to as the little Guy. From the Marxist theory the story is about the class differences in which Guy is searching for a meaning to his life amidst economic turmoil of Haiti.

Edwidge Danticat was born in Haiti she comes form a working class where her father and mother we workers , that is some way makes her related to the story, because the setting of the story
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The small family struggled in away that most of the lower class relate to at least in Haiti ,how Guy is searching for work to help provide to his son and wife , Lili on the other hand is a strong woman she support him in every way possible to her ,and works to have the best future for the little Guy she don’t want Guy to plan the little Guys life and put him in a box that social class put him in as the lower class. Lili supported Guy tell the end where she said keep his eyes open my husband likes to look at the sky.

The story should be subvert to the values that lower class family’s and individuals cant dream and there lives are not important as the upper class, the author showed us when Guy was young Assad did not care much about the man that was died in front of him instead he was looking where might the hot air balloon will land; and that part shows how do characters from the different classes interact. “A Wall of Fire Rising” may well be a reflection of how capitalist system is affecting the lower class in

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