Wind Power: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wind Energy

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Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work. (Jones and Jones, 2016) Energy prevails in these different forms like Heat/ thermal, kinetic, light, potential energy, electrical, chemical, mechanical, nuclear, and sound energy. Energy transformation is the conversion of energy from one form to another. An example of this is the human body, it transforms chemical energy (food) into kinetic energy, to support our movements, because kinetic energy is the energy of movement. Energy transfer is to transmit energy to another object when a reaction arises. An example of this is a light switch when it’s on, electrical energy flows through the wires, and is then transferred to the bulb, therefore it provides light . The law of conservation …show more content…
Here are a few advantages of wind power.Unlike power plants, that use combustion of fossil fuels, coals and natural gasses, wind energy doesn’t contaminate the air. It also doesn’t generate atmospheric emissions that can potentially induce acid rain and greenhouse gases. Therefore wind power is a clean fuel source.Wind is a national source of energy for some countries.
Wind is a renewable source, so it’s mostly unlikely to run out. Wind is generated by the calefaction of the climate by the sun, Earth’s rotation and the Earth 's surface inconsistency. The wind will exist as long as the sun shines. Therefore wind power is sustainable. Wind power is really cheap, therefore is affordable. These contraptions can be built anywhere as long as the wind blows, which is great for the economy in rural areas.Wind power can enable people to have jobs.The turbine’s rotors are a danger to wildlife, it is known that birds have been killed, due to flying into the spinning rotors. Though the pollution (aesthetic) and the negative impact aren’t as drastic as some of the power plants it’s still concerning. Turbines are also known to create a lot of noise. WInd turbines aren’t the most practical and profitable solution for the land. Impeccable wind farms are located in secluded locations, very distant from cities where power is necessary. Wired that are used to transmit the electricity from the wind farm to the city can cost a fortune.The officials aren’t too pleased with the performance and profit of wind power, because the technology can cost a lot and it’s not meeting their

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