William Shakespeare 's The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar Essay

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“And for Marc Antony, think not of him, for he can do no more than Caesar’s arm when Caesar’s head is off.” (II. i. 188-190). So declares Marcus Brutus, a conspirator in the plot to kill Julius Caesar. Brutus 's bold words here would trigger a chain of events that ultimately lead to his demise. Marc Antony is a close supporter of Caesar, whose murder and the aftermath of which are chronicled in “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare (rpt. In Elements in Literature. Fourth course. Austin: Holt, 2003 [775-877]). Brutus tragically underestimates Antony, and concludes that he is too dependent on Caesar to cause harm after Brutus and the other conspirators kill Caesar. His decision not to kill Antony is based on a false assessment of Antony’s character. It is true that Antony is deeply loyal to Caesar, but his loyalty is not so overpowering as to render him incompetent. Antony’s unexpected slyness combine with his love for Caesar to cause the turning point of the play in his eulogy at Caesar’s funeral. (III. ii. 72-242). Over the course of the play, Antony reveals that he is more than capable of avenging the death of his beloved Caesar. He shows that he is deeply loyal, duplicitous, intelligent, ruthless, and eloquent through his actions following Caesar’s murder.
Antony is first seen displaying his loyalty to Caesar in Act I at the Feast of Lupercal, an ancient Roman fertility festival in which young men run around lightly whipping women with goatskin tails.…

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