William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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My dear cousin Juliet and I have been close ever since we were children. We were the best of friends; we played dolls when we were children and did each other’s hair when we got older. I will admit that we have not been as close in the past few years, but I cannot believe that this has happened! Her passing makes me feel like I am in a pool of quicksand; every time I attempt to move, the grief wrenches me down deeper and deeper until I can no longer find my way out. Yet I am currently standing here being accused by rumours for her death. This is outrageous and unfathomable! If I am correct, which I am, it was Juliet’s hand that grabbed that sword and plunged it into her heart, not mine. Why am I being blamed for something I didn’t do? It is said that if I accepted Romeo’s infatuation with me, none of this would have happened; he would never have met Juliet at the ball, thus the two falling in love, and in turn, their deaths would not have happened. However, there are many flaws in this theory, it was not my fault or intention to have Romeo fall become infatuated with me, nor was it me who made Romeo to come to the ball. The main flaw being that it I had accepted Romeo’s obsession he still would have met Juliet therefore the two would still have been able to fall in love.
How am I the one to blame for Romeo infatuation with me? I have no control over anyone else’s emotions, Romeo included. I tried to let Romeo down easily, multiple times, but he persisted. Please…

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