William Shakespeare 's Othello, Directed By Scott Graham And Steven Hoggett

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On Friday 24th October 2014, I went to see Frantic Assembly’s version of William Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, directed by Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett. Frantic Assembly are a theatre company whose performances are primarily dominated by their unusual use of physical theatre to express emotions of characters and uncover hidden meanings within the play through the use of movement. The play was performed to an audience of mostly young adults and teenagers, perhaps because it had been reconceptualised, which possibly appeals to younger generations.
Before the play began, there was a very clear and deliberately created atmosphere. As soon as I entered the theatre, the sound of loud, early 90’s rave style music “Hybrid” enveloped me and was all I could hear. This produced a sense of intimidation as I found it hard to focus on much else. The staging was immediately noticeable as I entered the auditorium due to the curtain being open and stage lighting already on. This allowed me to notice small details in props and scenery that helped me to drink in the given circumstances of the play- also a technique, I have noticed, often used by theatre company Knee High.
I noticed how the play was set in a public house called ‘The Cyprus’, with a flashing games machine in one corner; I thought this symbolised the game that Iago was orchestrating in order to cause Othello’s downfall. The fact that it was flashing showed how obvious the game was to the audience but not to those who were…

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