William Shakespeare 's Macbeth, The Leader Of The Extreme Nationalist And Racist Nazi Party

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Being a leader can be very important. It takes a great amount of effort to become and stay a leader. Leaders should be able to motivate people and be able to control them to an extent. Good leadership can recognize that they cannot always have the answer to everything. They try to reeducate themselves as often as they can to become a better leader. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the main character becomes a coward. He uses his imaginative mind to come up with creative solutions to problems and plan ahead for multiple different things. Macbeth also has a great amount of ambition to get anything he wanted and he was always determined to do whatever it takes to get him what he wanted. He had to be aggressive sometimes to achieve his goals and satisfy other people. Macbeth has traits that can be found in so many different leaders. One of them that showed great amounts of these characteristics was Adolf Hitler, the leader of the extreme nationalist and racist Nazi party. Just like Macbeth, Hitler used ambition to meet his goals, but they turned very aggressive. Both men show weakness at times, but they are too determined to let their weaknesses get the best of them. The characteristics of both of these men are so similar and the way they approach, and deal with killing people is almost the exact same. In the federal elections of 1930, the Nazi Party won 107 seats in the German Parliament, becoming the second largest party. The next year, it more than doubled those seats. Adolf…

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