William Shakespeare 's ' Julius Caesar ' Essay

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Throughout this past scene we found out many things. Some were shocking

others, some of us expected. This scene has a lot of information, and it had things

somethings of us didn 't expect. To me this scene alone, was by far the most interesting.

It taught me a lot of life lessons that I would have never thought reading a Shakespeare

play would teach me.Throughout the paper I will explain to you what I learned, the

summaries of the past scenes, and how I think some of their outcomes will be in the


Who you trade your brother? Would you sell him out because of something

wrong he did? No matter if what he did was wrong, would you fight for him or would you

let him die? In the very beginning of Act Four of Julius Caesar, you see that Lucillius

gives Mark Antony permission to kill his brother. He doesn 't try to fight for him, or ask

could he have a better sentence than his execution. Lucillius allowed , and left his

brother out there to die. No matter if what he did was wrong, you shouldn 't go down

without a fight. That just shows that sometimes, even family don 't have your best interest

at heart.

The most unexpected things can happen when reading a Shakespeare Play. As

you know from the previous Acts , you know that Caesar is dead, and Brutus and Mark

Antony are fighting to take over Rome. While the murder of Caesar was going on,

Octavius, the general of the Roman army, was not present at that time.…

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