Julius Caesar Tribune Analysis

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In the beginning of the play, Julius Caesar, we see that lots of things are happening. We

see betrayal and murder. We see storms and earthquakes, signs that in most eyes represent bad

things in Rome’s future, but in Cassius’ eyes are good things. There are lots of things to find out

in Act 1, like the meaning of a Roman tribune, what their role in society was, and why Marullus

and Flavius were worried about Caesar.

First of all, a Roman tribune is defined as a “Roman official whose task it was to protect

the people against oppression”. (livius.org). “The word “tribune” is derived from the Roman

tribes. The three original tribes known as the Ramnes or Ramnenses, Tities or Titienses, and the

Luceres, were each headed by a tribune. (wikipedia.org)
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We see in scene 1 that Marullus and Flavius are definitely not on Caesars side. They

believe that it is absolutely horrible that people are suddenly praising Caesar when just a few

days ago they were praising Pompey. This shows us that the people of Rome are not very loyal,

they just kind of go with whatever is happening. Caesar killed Pompey and not only do they not

really care, or at least do not show that they care, but they want to crown Caesar king. I think that

is why Marullus and Flavius are worried about Caesar, because they do not think it is good how

quickly everyone turned to his side. I agree with Flavius and Marullus in this situation, because

really, how would you feel if you had the ruler of your nation that you loved and served loyally,

and then somebody kills him and takes over? And then on top of that, everyone else is such

followers that they decide they should follow Caesar, the one who killed their beloved

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