William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay

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Leaders of civilizations throughout history relied on many techniques to instill their lordship over the commoners that they governed. The most prevalent practice of all though was the use rhetoric skills. Manipulation and persuasion are quintessential qualities that can be seen in civilizations till this very day. Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar” illustrates the power of manipulation as the silver-tongued Julius Caesar potential ambitious plans of becoming the new king of Rome come under scrutiny by his fellow friends and peers in the Senate. Others however are looking at opportunities to increase their power. Cassius, a military general, organizes a syndicate against Caesar’s rule and includes Caesar’s close friend Brutus who will lead Rome once Caesar is dispatched. Brutus loves Caesar, but believes Rome must come first. Following Caesar’s assassination, the group proclaims that this action was taken for the good of Rome and the people are satisfied. That is until Mark Antony accuses them of being traitors and turns the people against them. The group flees and rallies their armies to standoff against Antony while Octavius, Caesar’s son, arrives to support Antony in this struggle. Fighting ensues and a series of miscommunications leads to the honorable suicides of Cassius and Titinus. Brutus arrives to see his friend’s dead and knows his doom is imminent and decides to take his life as well. Octavius and Antony appear and mention Brutus to be the only honorable one of…

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