William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay example

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The Noblest Roman Humans are considered to be one of the earth’s most successful species. Humans are skilled in literature, art, mathematics, science, and everything else that humans have come to known. One thing humans aren’t is perfect. We are expected to live up to the standards others put for ourselves and we are expected of so much more. In William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar strives to greatness after his success in a ten year war but though he has reached greatness there are still those that wish him harm. He has the support of his friends and the envy of others in this play Caesar learns of those who love him and those are his enemies. A human can give you all that they are but a human can also fail to remember that we fall, make daring decisions, make mistakes, and in the end can only be human. Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar to prove that though we can try as hard as we can to please everyone but in the end we can only take so much to the point where we are fed up that we break and in the result of that our human nature emerges. It’s ironic that us humans are built up all of our life only to be brought down. Julius rose to his greatness and Cassius was bent on bringing him down from it. Although Cassius had his reason for wanting Caesar to step down he did not need to do it in the way he chose. There was no need for Cassius to persuade Brutus into betraying his best friend. Humans tend to destroy what they can’t have because they’re jealous…

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