Wild Life In The Great Gatsby

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The 1920s era was known for its rebellious lifestyle, advances in technology, and the beginning of the Great Depression. There are also many books that were popular then, and are even more popular today. One of the authors of possibly the best known book from this era is F. Scott Fitzgerald. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, the characters Nick, Daisy, and Jay show the wild lifestyle and the corruption that occurred during the 1920s.
In the 1920s, people began to scratch the surface on nutrition. This new knowledge of nutrition caused most Americans to live a healthier life. In return, the life expectancy of Americans greatly increased. With the advancement in the speeds of automobiles, the number of fatalities increased by
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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, more commonly known as F. Scott Fitzgerald, was born from Mary McQuillan and Edward Fitzgerald. During the first years of Fitzgerald’s life, he lived in upstate New York. When his father lost his job when he was twelve, he moved back to St. Paul and lived off of his mother’s inheritance. He attended St. Paul Academy, where his inspiration for creative writing began. At 15, he transferred to Newman School in New Jersey. After graduating, he stayed in New Jersey and continued his literary dream at Princeton University. There he wrote articles for the school magazine and stories for the Nassau Literary Magazine. In 1917, he dropped out to join the military. He was commissioned second lieutenant outside of Montgomery, Alabama. There he met and fell in love with Zelda, The Supreme Court Judge’s eighteen year old daughter. The war ended before he was ever deployed. He married Zelda in New York and they had one daughter, Frances Scott Fitzgerald. His first popular novel, This Side of Paradise, turned him into the country’s most famous young writers. In 1925, he published what was possibly his greatest novel, The Great Gatsby, in Valescure, France (“F. Scott Fitzgerald …show more content…
Though it appears she actually loves him, it is her way of getting back at Tom for having an affair of his own. Gatsby is a worthy successor because they have a history together and he has just as much wealth. The scene where Gatsby is showing Daisy around his mansion demonstrates this perfectly. Gatsby throws his good quality shirts at her and she begins to cry. This shows Daisy’s interest in materialism. She does not care about Gatsby, she cares about the wealth that he has and what his wealth can do for her. She does not cry over the shirts because she loves Gatsby, she cries because she is satisfied with the money he bought the shirts with. Her hesitation at the hotel to tell Tom that she loved Gatsby suggests she never loved him in the first place. Plus, she did not attend his funeral. Proving she never truly loved him and only wanted his wealth. In the end, she stays with Tom and lives with him because he has enough money to satisfy her needs (“Character Analysis Daisy

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