Examples Of Duality In The Great Gatsby

I The complexity of humanity
A significant feature of humanity is complicated. Different people have different personalities rather than everyone is the same. “ I wanted the world to be in uniform and a sort of moral attention forever.” (Fitzgerald, 1925) Nick wished the world becomes simple and clear and uniformy in the moral values which doomed to be impossible. Beauty and ugliness, goodness and evil will be found in one person at the same time. Before marriage, Daisy holded the wine in one hand, holded the letter in another hand. Her abnormal behavior—be drunk and suddently told Jordan that she changed her idea of marriage is a sign of her inner conflict and a vivid reflection of struggle. Both the strong side and the weak side of the humanity, as well as the loyalty and betrayal to love were showed here. In the case of not know someone well, anyone can not be judged as good or evil. Because a person is a half angel and a half evil. If the complexity of humanty was ignored, a correct judgement can not be made.

II Daisy’s white side
Daisy is not only a material girl, but also a moving
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When she was young, she crossed the secular vision and put herself into the the most sincere love. She even would like to abandon everything for Gatsby and run away with him. She was loving Gatsby so deeply so that felt heartbroken when heard of Gatsby was still loving her on the wedding ceremony with another man. After marriage, Daisy loved her husband. Even Gatsby had to admit that she loves her husband more than loves him. Someone may said Daisy was a loose woman, but her infidelity is revenge to her husband and compensation to Gatsby. She loves her husband more. When Gatsby was showdowning with Tom, she obviously was not happy to see the situation and thought was shaky. After Gatsby asked her to say she never loved Tom and listened her husband’s affectionate confession, Daisy could not hide her true feelings and rolled up her husband’s

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