The Great Gatsby Response

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“Our workforce and our entire economy are strongest when we embrace diversity to its fullest, and that means opening doors of opportunity to everyone and recognizing that the American Dream excludes no one.” Thomas Perez states what his opinion about the American Dream. The American dream shouldn’t include judging anyone based on wealth, social class, interests, or personality. It should be about including everyone and giving each person the chance they deserve. The American Dream is having the opportunity to do what you want and be given the chance to do good things for others.

Daisy embraces this idea of the American Dream. She lets nothing stand in her way of doing what she wants and she embraces the fact that she has two, very wealthy
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Daisy ultimately ends up killing the love of her life, well one of them at least, at the expense of her own hands. She was the reason Myrtle died, but Gatsby took the blame for it, eventually leading to his death. After the hit and run that killed Wilson, Nick met up with Gatsby in front of Tom’s house. Nick asked, “Was Daisy driving?” Gatsby responded, “Yes, but of course I’ll say I was.”(Fitzgerald, 143) Although Daisy didn’t directly tell Gatsby to take the blame for her, Gatsby’s love for her overpowered his farfetched dreams. Without hesitation, Gatsby willingly took the murder of Wilson right off Daisy’s hands. She took this for granted, however. Gatsby was shot by Wilson while he was swimming in his pool waiting for Daisy to call him. Daisy’s self-minded decision put an end to the great Jay Gatsby. After the death of Gatsby, Nick called Daisy almost instinctively, only to get some shocking news. “She and Tom had gone away early that afternoon, and had taken baggage with them.”(Fitzgerald, 164) Daisy’s actions after she got a man killed proved to be the most selfish of them all. She had loved Gatsby like he was the love of her life. She loved him after half a decade when Gatsby was fighting in the war; yet, she didn’t even have the courtesy to go to his funeral. Although Daisy’s character at the beginning of the book portrayed her as the perfect, romantic girl worth waiting for, she throughout the book proved the

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