The Great Gatsby Selfish Quotes

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Selfish Love “…just tell him the truth – that you never loved him – and it’s all wiped out forever.” This was a quote from Jay Gatsby pleading Daisy Buchanan to declare that she never loved her husband, Tom Buchanan. In the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it’s very debatable who the most self-centered character of the story was. It could be Tom, who just used Daisy has a safety net for when his side relationships failed, or it could be Gatsby who wanted Daisy all to himself despite what it would do to her family. In the end, the presence of love creates a selfish person and although all the characters mentioned have been struck by love, Daisy Buchanan has portrayed the most self-centered acts. One instance in which Daisy …show more content…
Since Gatsby had taken the blame for Myrtle’s death George killed him along with himself. George loved his wife very much and was already suspicious of her being with other men. George was a wreck after his wife’s death so he began to go a little crazy with the thought that she was murdered. He found an expensive dog-leash the day before Myrtle died that had some unknown significance to him. It’s inferred that he thought it was a gift from the man Myrtle was cheating on him with because after he found the leash he told Myrtle repeatedly that God knows what she did. Upon seeing the leash again after Myrtle died, it made him realize who killed her. Soon after that realization, George left to go find Gatsby. After Gatsby’s death Nick found out the Tom was the one who told George who owned the car that hit Myrtle. After George had that information all he had to do was ask for directions to his home since Gatsby was a well known man. George found it and killed Gatsby while he was in the pool then killed himself as well. The chauffeur was the one who heard the shots but didn’t think much of it. Nick went straight to Gatsby’s house from the station and was one of the four people who found Gatsby and George’s bodies. This whole event could have been avoided if Daisy had confessed to accidentally killing Myrtle. This event shows once again how Daisy is so in love with her wealthy life with Tom that she is willing to let others die. Although she didn’t know George would kill Gatsby, she did know Gatsby would have consequences for her actions. Daisy had stated that she loved both Tom and Gatsby so she didn’t want to choose between the two. But it seems that the men aren’t the only things she loves because she knew running away with Gatsby would mean giving up her practically perfect life for an unknown future with a man who previously left her. Some of Daisy’s actions can be justifiable but that still

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