Examples Of Daisy In The Great Gatsby

Marcos Vinueza
American Literature
Mr. Zencka
Dec. 8, 2015 Jay’s Fantasy Fantasy can lead to building or destroying you, mentally or physically. An example of someone being leaded by fantasy is Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is the main character in the book “The Great Gatsby” by Scott Fitzgerald. In the book, Gatsby finds himself deeply in love with Daisy. Daisy is a married woman who was Gatsby 's first love. Tom is her husband who later finds out the secrete between Daisy and Gatsby. The secret is that they both re united and fell in love with each other and now want a life together. Tom and Daisy cheat and argue with each other. At the end of the book, Daisy takes Gatsby 's car and “accidently” ran over Tom 's mistress.
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Tom has suspicion of Gatsby. He does research on him to find out who he really is. He grew this suspicion when he saw Daisy and Gatsby growing closer. He didn’t like the idea that she was spending more time with him. Before, after and during a party Daisy ditched Tom to by with Gatsby. Tom gets mad and had enough of it. He tells Gatsby that he’s not going to stand there and watch him practically make love to his wife. So then Gatsby had enough and tells him the whole situation between him and Daisy. Gatsby ends up telling him that Daisy doesn’t love him but he is proven wrong. Daisy ends up confessing and saying. “‘Even alone I can’t say I never loved Tom,’ she admitted in a pitiful voice. ‘It wouldn 't be true’” (Fitzgerald 133). This whole time Tom and Gatsby are argueing over Daisy. Gatsby claims that Daisy never loved Tom but Tom thinks the opposite. Tom reminds Daisy of their wedding and of are their special moments, questioning her if she loved him during those moments. Gatsby is so caught up into thinking that Daisy has always loved him, even during the 5 years without each other. At first Daisy denies that she loved Tom but then she admits that 's she 's lying and that she actually did once love Tom. This breaks Gatsby and puts him in shock, almost speechless. This even made him question Daisy about her love towards him. His fantasy lead him to having a dilution. only thinking that Daisy only had eyes for …show more content…
After Tom and Gatsby had the argument about Daisy 's love, Tom kept firing at Gatsby. This really angered Gatsby, so much that he lost his control and almost hit Tom. Daisy had been looking at him. Daisy was shocked and afraid of seeing this side of Gatsby. Gatsby was upset and quickly apologized for his temper. Tom told them to leave that with the car. Daisy ran out and left while Gatsby was behind her trying to chase her. Daisy drove the car back home. While Daisy was driving Myrtel got in the way of the car asking for help but Daisy just kept going and hit her. Gatsby saw all of this. Myrtel was now dead and her husband saw it all go down. He knew it was a yellow car and then found out by Tom that it was Gatsby 's car. Gatsby took the blame which lead to his death. Myrtels husband shoot Gatsby as revenge. “‘Hello!’ I interrupted breathlessly. ‘Look here—this isn 't Mr.Gatsby. Mr.Gatsby’s dead’” (Fitzgerald 166). Myrtel killed Gatsby because he thought it was Gatsby driving the yellow car. The yellow car was Gatsby but Myrtle 's husband didn 't know that Daisy was driving it, so he assumed it was Gatsby. Also at that moment Tom didn 't know so he accused Gatsby as well. This didn 't really matter because Gatsby loved Daisy so much he took the blame. He made sure she was safe and that their was no evidence against her. He was living in the fantasy of thinking Daisy will come back and ran away with him, like a

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