Why an Mba Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to construct and support and argument on why I decided to pursue my MBA and how the results of my Jungian Personality self-assessment fit into my MBA goal. My desire for education started at an early stage in life. My parents who migrated from Cuba in 1966, ended up with five children and no education. I experienced hard-ships that I always attributed to my parents lack of education, to no fault of their own. I was the only sibling of five to obtain anything higher than a high school education. I always prided myself in my scholastic accomplishments given my upbringing, and until this day believe that in today’s competing society an advanced degree is necessary to maximize income potential.
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Some of these negative traits are personality based and others are taught . I vowed that if ever given the opportunity to lead or manage I would take it upon myself to avoid repeats of my negative experiences. An MBA will improve upon my intricacies of planning, goal setting, and interpersonal skills. The significant attributes gained from an MBA will be strengthening my networking capabilities, creating a cohesive working environment, dealing with diversity, commitment, and discipline. The various classes offered through University of Phoenix MBA program will be terrific building blocks for the aforementioned areas. Two classes specifically stand out in the program, which I strongly believe will better prepare me for the next step in management. Human Capital Development will give me a better understanding on how to train and ensure subordinates are receiving adequate experience in their development. This development will increase the employee’s value in the marketplace and ultimately benefit the organization. The other class in this program that will develop my managerial and leadership skills is Strategic Planning and Implementation. This class will assist me establish my agency’s vision and direction. This degree will help me accomplish two goals;

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