Why a Western Diet Is Unhealthy and What People Should Eat to Be Healthy

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Student: Sbraletta Matosinhos, Bruno
Why a western diet is unhealthy and what people should eat to be healthy
In recent years, the concern for health is increasing. The main factors contributing to the declining levels of health in the Western world are a lack of physical exercise, paired with an unhealthy diet. Although this sounds like a simple problem to fix, the vast majority of people are not actually aware of the dangers of a poor diet. This essay will explain why a western diet is unhealthy and suggest ways that people can maintain a healthy lifestyle.
There are several health disadvantages that a Western diet can cause. First and foremost is that the consumption of excessive calories often leads to obesity Agarwal (2008)
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The disproportionate level of sugar in typical foods from the USA heightens the risk of diabetes (Kemp, Paul and Segal 2001-10). In addition, the link between unhealthy eating and diabetes has been common knowledge for many years, and was demonstrated in a 1995 study which explored the correlation between cholesterol and diabetes. The study found low levels of cholesterol and small numbers of people affected by diabetes in Japan, which was then contrasted with high levels of cholesterol and large numbers of diabetics in the United States (Agarwal 2008). According to Agarwal (2008), besides other diseases such as hypertension, elevated cholesterol and osteoporosis, a western diet causes diabetes in 11 million Americans. In brief, the excessive amounts of sugar and fat in a western diet lead to bad health, causing people to become overweight, and develop heart diseases and diabetes.
There are several ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle with nourishment. The first way is to reduce meat intake. Countries where the consumption of animals, with exception of fish, is very high have a much higher rate of coronary heart disease than populations that consume more vegetable, grains, fish and wine (Agarwal 2008). Furthermore, Agarwal (2008) reports that almost all the beef that is consumed by Americans contains an unhealthy amount of saturated fatty acids and n-6 fatty acids. Besides this, different sources of protein such as beans, nuts, seeds and soy products are good

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