Why You Should Hunt For Your Food Essay

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Have you always wondered where your meat came from? Well that is why you should hunt for your food instead of buying food from walmart.
People have been hunting many types of animals for thousands of years and almost every time someone shoots a deer or bear or any other animal all the hard work really does pay off when that meat is in a person’s freezer. Another plus about hunting is hunters get to choose how you want the food made. There is thousands of different ways to make your food and you get do it yourself to if you know how to. And after all that work you now have food to last you several months.
Lately there has been a lot of recalls on processed meat because it contains ecoli. When buying meat from big stores you don’t know where it actually came from, what’s in it, and how the meat was processed. I think the meat from stores can be dangerous in a way because I don’t think it is processed the way it should be.
First. Ways that meat is processed is cattle, pigs and other animals are brought to big meat processing industries that are unsanitary and poorly processed. This is why my family rarely buys meat from places like walmart because that is all they have for meat is meat from those big industries. The way meat is processed is they bring in large quantities of animals at a time and 90 percent of of the meat is all processed by machine that is unsanitary for our food to be in. The reason why I think the machines are unsanitary is because workers do not watch…

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