Treaty Of Versailles Justified Essay

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During the 20th century, the Treaty of Versailles ended up being one of the most controversial treaties to be signed. Crafted to ensure that one of the protagonists of the first World War would never be able to start another war, it ended up being the catalyst for the second World War. The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th, 1919 in Versailles. The treaty ended the war between Germany and the Allied powers which had been going on for the past 4 years. It took six months of Allied negotiations at the Paris Peace Conference to finally come to agreement on the treaty. Overall the treaty was fair to all countries that were involved, and the penalties imposed by this treaty were justified, even though most people felt it was unfair and …show more content…
In the Treaty of Versailles, Germany lost all of its colonies in Africa and Asia to the League of Nations, who then transferred them to different nations throughout Europe as mandates. Now, like Curtis said, colonies were a huge part of a country’s image. Germany was very proud of what they created for themselves. Many people disagree with this term because it was such a strong penalty to Germany, yet in some people’s eyes that’s exactly what was needed. Germany was a country who helped start a World War and was not looking for peace. The strong consequences of this treaty is what the world wanted, forcing them to either become peaceful, or taking the time to build their country back up. Even though taking the colonies was very harsh it was the right decision, and as McMillian says, “Germany lost all its colonies, which in fact was a blessing in disguise because they'd never paid. Germany had grabbed some very indifferent colonies around the world” (pg.4). So, as you can see it could have possibly been good for Germany to be crushed and brought to a point where they needed to rebuild. Even though colonial possessions were a huge part of nationalism throughout Europe, the terms stated in the treaty were justified and fair to those

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