Why Was The European Secret? Essay

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When people join together, they create society. When societies join together, they create history. It is the in efforts of the people that orchestrate the course of events that will eventually shape not only our modern world, but the course of human history. But why is that, throughout history, certain societies were able to dominate the historical stage, and other societies cannot help but go extinct? For example, Europe and China both had a “Golden Age”, but in the modern world, Europe becomes the “sole power”, and China lives in just a corner of the world. Same mankind, but why were the Europeans able to connect territories of the world, and why did Chinese choose to isolate itself? If China invented all of the fundamental technologies, why was only Europe able to use them in fulfilling the pursuit of knowledge?
Historians have been investigating the mystery. How were Europeans able excel at manipulating resources to an extent that eventually changed the world? What is the European secret? The best answer lies in the dominating religion of each society. Europeans were able to turn premade technologies into sciences and spread them to the world, because its Christian faith embraced independent, critical investigation and encouraged voyages of discovery. By the same standards, it was exactly the Confucian emphasis on social unity and the pride of being the “Middle Kingdom” that restricted the Chinese’s ability to advance their own technologies. Just as famous historian…

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