Why Was Geography Abandoned In American Higher Education Essay

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Why was Geography abandoned in American higher education after WWII? Many people developed a sensitivity towards the subject. Huntington spoke of how in his day, the subject was given to a targeted audience. Geography was distributed among peoples of “merit and wisdom,” being of the same party as Huntington. They found geography to contain racial slurs. This caused the subject to lose credibility, and people turned aggressive towards different group comparisons. After the negative stigma was created, the subject was removed from Harvard and many other universities followed without protest. Landes believes that the subject itself is discredited and causes people to see geography as “unfair.”
Why do “most writers prefer to say nothing” about Geography? Why does Landes respond that “One must not take that easy way out”? Most writers say nothing because they are unsure of what may have caused the flourishing
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The exceptional inventions in medieval Europe were the water wheel, eyeglasses, and mechanical clock. The water wheel was used for energy purposes allowing Europe to be a power-based civilization. The eyeglasses solved problems for the civilians. It allowed men to work passed the age where they started to lose their eyesight, around forty years of age. Society was helped by having g a dependable instrument, the mechanical clock. The clock brought order and control and allowed for productivity to flow.
Why were “Islam” and China “falling behind” Europe in technology by the 15th century? (54) Islam fell behind due to religious views and technology being thought of as heresy. Religious and scientific views were adopted together for a long time. China would have surpassed Europe if they knew of their potential. Historians believe that a few factors may have hurt their technological development: the bad government, gender relations, and the control of the

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