Why Victims Of Domestic Violence Should Leave Their Situation

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Nineteen minutes. Roughly the same time it takes one to get ready in the morning or finish reading a couple paragraphs in an essay. Nineteen minutes is how often domestic violence happens to a person . One may ask “why don’t the victims just leave?” Often it is not that simple, however. Victims of domestic violence should always leave their situations, but often will not or are unable to. The goal of this essay is to address the reasons surrounding why victims of domestic violence should leave their situation, but this essay will also focus on why victims often do not leave.
Victims should leave their situations as the longer they stay in those relationships, the more psychological, physical and emotional damage they will endure. There are many reasons victims decide to stay in their violent relationship, however. Perhaps the biggest reason one decides to stay in a relationship with domestic violence is fear. The victims are afraid of what the abuser will do to them if they leave. Often, when the abuser calls the victim names or hits them, the victim believes the abuse is their fault or that they deserve it. That is an example of how bad domestic violence can affect someone. Fear is only one reason that a victim of domestic violence may stay, however. Low self-esteem plays a huge part as to why victims stay as well. When victims believe they are at fault or deserve the abuse associated with domestic violence, this is a result of their self-esteem having been beaten down…

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