Why Use Social Media To Market Your Business?

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Social media has become the ultimate way for the average person to connect with friends, family and business associates right from the comfort of their own homes. Most people do not realize how dependent we have all become on social media and how it has influenced not only how we communicate but it has also influenced what we purchase as consumers. Social media just seemed to appear out of nowhere without warning and has become a pillar in our lives. This paper will highlight some of the history of social media, ways that people are using social media to market their business, how some of the platforms that are being used to market businesses and what the future holds for marketing via social media.
Social Media: Where It All Began
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As you can see social media has come a very long way from the days of BBS. You may ask yourself “Why use social media to market your business”? That question has been asked and is now being answered with all of the strides that social media has taken to reach consumers. With social media being a way for people to socialize and communicate, came a way for businesses to market their product to consumers. Before social media, businesses used tv ads, newspaper ads, telemarketing, and mass mailings to market their businesses. That is no longer the most effective way to market to consumers anymore. Times have changed and as times change new advanced ways of marketing have …show more content…
I know that I mentioned how many of these social networks began but I would like to explain some of the ways you can market your business using these sites. My two favorite social media websites are Facebook and Instagram. There are many ways to market on both sites.
As most people know, with Facebook you would first need to create an account to get started. Once that is taken care of you would then create a page for your business and Facebook have videos and a help section that can assist you in doing that. So now that your page is created you can start to build your audience. There are four options to build you audience: Invite friends from you friends list, suggest page, promote website and use Ads Manager. There’s an area on Facebook labeled “Marketing on Facebook” that has a wealth of information regarding how to market your business with them. When you create an ad on Facebook it allows you to choose your target audience. Facebook assist you by asking a series of questions that will narrow down the selection process of your audience. You can target your audience based on their location, demographics, interests, what they buy online, etc. You can also use an option called Lookalike Audiences. This feature will locate individuals who are similar to your best

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