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The following report will discuss what is a modem, how they work and where the technology for them is headed. One of the most common questions that are asked is, what is a modem? Well modem is an acronym for (modulator-demodulator) which essentially means that its primary job is to encode and decode binary signals to allow computers or essentially any end systems to access the Internet. Originally, phone lines were used to carry analog information and a converter was needed to decode these signals, therefore the modem was born. Initially, modems were used as a way for Teletype machines (printers) to communicate over telephone lines. In the 1960’s however, modems became much more popular thanks to AT&T by introducing modems that
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ADSL provide much faster download speeds rather than upload speeds.
● SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) - SDSL are somewhat similar to DSL with the major difference being that it requires a dedicated phone line, which leads to SDSL providing equal download/upload speeds. SDSL are more common for businesses that require the use of higher bandwidth and downloading/uploading speeds.
● Sat Modem (Satellite Modem) - These are the least common types of modems, and they primarily convert digital information with the use of radio waves to communicate with a satellite dish. These types of modems are most helpful for businesses and consumers who are located in rural areas.

Of the types of modems listed and explained above, the two most that are prevalent in the consumer market are DSL and Cable Modems. Typically these modems are asynchronous devices, which means that these devices transmit data in a stream of packets. Additionally, when these devices receive data (typically through phone lines or cables), these asynchronous devices reassemble the data into a form that the computers can then
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Essential Internet of Things are devices are a range of devices which will has embedded software/hardware that will allow it to communicate with other nearby devices. A good example could be perhaps a door that will automatically open as your car arrives in the driveway or a smart watch being able to control the thermostat in your house. Some of these examples given above are just the surface of what could be achieved and in fact some applications mentioned in the examples above, do already

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