The Rise Of Netflix

How did this companies become so powerful, who created them. Great men who are known for their intelligence changed the world completely. Technology is everywhere some of the most popular applications are, Apple, Amazon, Atari, Netflix, Adobe. All these companies have brought many things. They have made a huge impact on us by all the better opportunities we have with their companies. New advanced ways of making people happy, much more easier methods for selling their products. Apple is one of the biggest companies today, their cell phones, tablets, computers are sold everyday. They managed to get their system very well build. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were Apple 's founders this men were the start to an amazing creation.
On April 1976
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This application allows you to watch any movie you desire, you can watch anything. But you’ll have to pay money, each month you pay so you can get to watch unlimited movies all day. Netflix is good for you!. When you want to have a lay day or a nice hangout with friends and family you just set your netflix and you 're set to go. Netflix was founded by Scotts Valley and Marc Randolph in August of 1997. They started of as buying and selling movies through the internet.. This man was a genius who would have thought to construct an app to see your favorite kinds of movies. Netflix is staying at home not having to move from your cozy bed, eating whatever you want, pausing your movie each and everything you want without having to get in …show more content…
The internet has changed everyone 's views. Technology makes up like one half of the region 's popularity.The internet has brought a transformation in many aspects of life. It is one of the biggest contributors in making the world into a global village. Use of internet has grown tremendously since it was introduced especially because people don 't have nothing better to do. Some people will spend their whole day just playing on their phones, tablets, computer. You also have to use to get work in for your school 's, job
The internet developed from software called the ARPANET which the U.S military had developed. It was only restrict to military personnel and the people who developed it.The access to information being one of the most important. Student can now have access to libraries around the world.including me for example I spend mostly all my day just worrying about what 's in the web not caring about no other things.The Web can also harm us in so many ways because I takes time of things. Can hurt your brain with so many things that go on. Some charge a fee but most provide free

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