Why The Novice Teacher Self Worth Through Having A Mentor Teacher

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Dissertation Prospectus
Since the 1980’s teacher mentoring has increased rapidly to help support novice teachers with self-worth in the classroom. Classroom teaching is essential in the education system, and there is a need for mentoring the novice teacher around the global world. Keeping teachers in the classroom is an issue in the 21st century. Mentoring programs for novice teachers enhances teacher self-worth, lesson plans, classroom management, and overall experience of being a teacher. Organizers of mentoring plans and investigators are identifying that mentors and mentees usually get considerable gains from the mentoring involvement (Resta, Huling, White and Matschek, 1997; David, 2000; Holloway, 2001). This study is a quantitative study that will discuss the benefits of the novice teacher self-worth through having a mentor teacher. Kronowitz (1992) mentioned that studies show 15 percent of novice teachers leaving within one year of teaching. Gold (1996) mentioned that 25 percent of novice teacher will not return the third year of teaching, 40 percent will quit the education system after five years of teaching. There are teacher shortages and difficulties of finding college students in the field of education. This shortage is increasingly growing in the kindergarten through 12th grade for various reasons. There is intense pressure for novice teacher to perform high because of the No Child Left Behind legislation.
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