Why The Human Race Is Important? Essay

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Some problems that we have are that we do not have anything to hunt animals with. We also do not know when it is a good time and place to go hunting. We went out to find some supplies we can use to make some weapons and traps. We figured that most animals usually go out in the woods and hide, so some students will go out and hunt animals in the woods. This is a problem that must be resolved because without food all of the students will be hungry.They will get hypoglycemia which is when the glucose levels in our bodies decrease. If this problem is not resolved we will have students starving to death. This is a major effect that we need to find a solution to as soon as possible because if more humans die, our population will be decreasing little by little. Soon there will be no more humans left and we will just be another species gone extinct. The human race is important because we help the world be a better place.
A blowgun is a good example of a weapon that can be used for eliminating animals.The first thing you need, is to determine the length that you want the blowgun to be. Also keep in mind that the bigger the gun is, the more energy starts to built up behind the dart. One way to build a blowgun is to cut a ½ -inch sched-40 PVC down to 4.5 or 5.5 feet. Then make another cut, making two halves that are about 2.25 or 2.75 feet. Next you take the ½ inch male and female couples and glue them together able to put a coat of paint if you wish to add color. and there, your…

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