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Are you a turkey hunter, or would you like to be? Wild turkeys are among the smartest and most paranoid game birds you can go after. There are many factors that affect hunter success while hunting turkeys. Among them are terrain, roosts, calls, breeding, and the weather. In an effort to help out all turkey hunters, old and new, I have put together this list of 21 turkey hunting tips. I hope that there is some information here that can improve your success while turkey hunting this year. Let’s get started:

1) Scout the Property - Pre-season scouting is one of the most important activities you can do as a turkey hunter. Turkeys prefer areas that have food, water, cover, and a place to roost. Typically, turkeys can be seen on the edges of fields or pastures near some brush or trees. If you’re hunting public land, identify promising areas and then cover them on foot to look for sign. Turkey sign includes tracks, scratchings, and droppings. If you have permission to hunt private property, always ask the owner where the turkeys tend to hang around. They usually know and are happy to help. The main idea is to make sure there are turkeys where you plan on hunting before opening day.

2) Scout for Roosts - Turkeys roost in trees to sleep at night. They usually stick to a preferred roosting site as a group. That means
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Your feet are your lifeline back to the pickup truck. If you’re hunting in cold weather, select an insulated boot. Wet conditions require rubber or waterproof boots. Also consider the terrain you will be covering and any ankle support you need. Most boot styles are available in camouflage to match your pants and shirt. If you’re unsure about which height of boot to buy, I recommend eight or ten inch. Higher boots offer more protection and ankle support. Anytime you plan on walking in the woods all day, comfortable boots are a

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