Why The Dog Could Have Bitten The Person Essay

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The very cognition of a sweet, innocent dog being taken from their homes and executed for biting someone should make anyone shudder. It 's cruel, unjust and lacks compassion and mercy. There are many factors as to why the dog could have bitten the person. Not every single dog does it just for their pleasure. In fact, most of the time, that 's not the case at all. The state should not be allowed to execute dogs that have bitten someone because they could have had negative training, an abusive owner, or a protective motive. Sometimes people don 't know the proper way to train their dog. They may like to follow the myth of disciplining their aggressive canine by using a spray bottle, pinning them on their back, or using a shock collar. However, most of the time they are oblivious to the fact that they are actually causing emotional damage by using these strident methods instead of using positive training. For example, there was an episode of “It’s Me or the Dog" where Victoria Stillwell met a single mom named Jenna and her daughter Alana. They had called her for help because their aggressive bulldog named Roxy was attacking dogs, trying to bite people, and out of control. Any time someone was at the door, it was an intense struggle to keep Roxy from running out and attacking them. However, once Victoria was able to learn some more details about how Jenna was training Roxy, the issue became clear immediately. Jenna didn 't mean to cause damage to her dog, but she had no idea…

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