Essay on Why Sparta Developed Into A Militaristic Society

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Explain why Sparta developed into a militaristic society. Then describe life for a Spartan male from the age of 7-60.
Starting out with four villages, Sparta began to expand by 750 conquering several neighboring regions and enslaving the people to work for the society. (At Home Reading: The Ancient Greeks) Sparta conquered Messenia between 650-620 BCE but got its first challenge in the 6th century and was defeated by Argos and then again by Teagea. (At Home Reading: The Ancient Greeks) After these two defeats, it changed Sparta into a purely militaristic society because they didn’t want to be defeated nor threatened again. Lycurgus was the leader at the time that was credited for the reform. In Sparta, men were groomed to basically live life serving in the army since serving in the military was the highest form of devotion. At the age of 7, the boys would leave their family and be sent off to military school to live in the barracks to emphasize discipline, toughness, pain endurance, etc.. (At Home Reading: The Ancient Greeks) At the age of 20, these men would become soldiers still living in the barracks but they would marry and visit their wives during “conjugal visits.”(At Home Reading: The Ancient Greeks) At the age of 30, he is now an equal in society living on his own, and serving in the Assembly. (At Home Reading: The Ancient Greeks) The military service would end at the age of 60 if they lived to make it that long. (At Home Reading: The Ancient Greeks)

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