Why Some Ships Were Beneficial During Trade

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Emily Kim
World History AP

Chapter 15: Essential Questions
1) Ships were beneficial during trade because they were sturdy and strong enough to endure the heavy winds and waves. Trade via ships increased because with the use of ships, goods and people were able to moved quicker and cheaper than any other overland travel.
2) The trading system that developed around the Indian Ocean was considered successful because through this trade system, many people and different states were able to fulfill many accomplishments and discoveries. The Indian Ocean also united the people who were involved in the trading system.
3) Polynesian expansion was purposeful because the languages of the islanders were comparable to the languages of the western Pacific and Malaya. Also, they brought men and women, plants, and domesticated animals, which were similar to other
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In the 15th century, The Iberian kingdoms decided to sponsor voyages of exploration, mainly because they were curious about the unknown outside world like the explorers.
12) The northern Italian city-states did not take part in overseas expansion across the Atlantic because their Mediterranean ships were incompatible and were not able to sail through the weather of the Atlantic.
13) Islam had a role in Iberian overseas expansion because Iberian expansion was influenced by the anti-Muslim warfare. So, they had a spiritual drive when conquering and expanding. This created a crusading type atmosphere because when the Muslim governed state seemed weak, the Iberians took part in the attack and started the religious crusade.
14) Henry the Navigator represented Portuguese motives for overseas expansion by converting Africans to Christianity, and then joining the crusades to go up against the Ottomans. He also had the desire to discover new places, and improved navigational devices that were from the Islamic

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