Why Should Students Memorize Each President? Essay

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What is taught in high schools today is irrelevant to students and their future. Students are being taught to remember pointless information that they will not benefit from in the long run. Why should students memorize each president in order or know the Pythagorean Theorem? How did coloring inside the lines or the Dewey Decimal system help people conquer the difficulties life throws at them? To be blunt, it doesn’t help. The education system is setting students up for failure in life. Students are not being taught important things like how to vote, taxes, how to buy a house, finances, how to write a check, basic emergency care, or how to pay for college.. Instead they are given five basic subjects; math, english, science, social studies and physical education. The education system tells students that the only way they will be successful in life is if they get good grades, which is not a true statement.

Every student learns differently; some learn visually, others learn hands on and some learn by incorporating work with art and music. Every year students around the country are given standardized tests and are expected to score highly in each category. The standardized tests given in the east coast are the same ones given in the west coast. Unless a student takes tests well or learns by writing, they will not score highly on these tests. These tests do not value creativity or diversity. Students are hammered about how important these tests are and how much…

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