Why Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalized?

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Same sex marriage has been a hot topic before some of us even knew. History was on the side of same sex marriage, until the rise of Christianity along with the government, they began taking away several of their rights based on discrimination on sexual orientation. Christianity claim that their definition of marriage is different from those that are of the same sex. The government has made different laws in what they think is a compromising way, so that same sex couples can be together, but it actually takes away some of their general rights. Same sex marriage should be legalized because marriage is a basic human right for all individuals. Homosexuality goes back to before even the tenth century with love that flourished between two saints: St. Bacchus and St. Sergius. According to the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the USA, these two saints became popular to the gay community because of a book entitled “Same Sex Unions in Premodern Europe,” written by a Yale Professor John Boswell. In his studies, he found that St. Bacchus and St. Sergius took part in a same sex marriage blessed by the church called adelphopoiesis. The text of the prayers clarifies that the ceremony is asking God to bless the uniting of two men as spiritual brothers (Pehanich). An icon of their relationship is in a Kiev art museum. The …show more content…
According to Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, marriage has been universally known as a legal contract between a man and a woman, which leads to childbearing (Slick). Matt Slick founder of the research ministry also states that gay marriage will reduce the amount of children in society and that we need a stable population to operate correctly. Religion concern seem kind of selfish even if they do have good intentions. For children whose parents are a same sex couple, people automatically think that their child too will have homosexual tendencies and be

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