Free Argumentative Essays: Should Books Be Banned?

Did you know that Charlotte's Web was banned in 2006 because it was supposedly the work of the devil? Books are banned for language, but some people do not agree with this. People say witchcraft should not be mentioned in books. J.K. Rowling does not think so and many others agree. Parents do not like the sexual content in some books. Other parents do like the sexual content. It teaches what people do today to young people in the world. Witchcraft, language, and sexual content are reasons why books are being banned, but should people really ban books because of these reasons. Language is one reason books are being banned, but others think otherwise. First, “Can we actually claim--seriously--that the reasons, the motives, the causes are different, and that this difference is sufficient to justify the distinction between the rejection which we will call selection and the rejection which we will call censorship” (Asheim 2). Secondly, the quote means people should not ban books just because of language because parents can choose what their kids read and so everybody should have all books on the shelves. In addition, if parents buy a book their kids want and there is language in it parents do not like, white it out. But remember that word could help the reader know what is going on in the book, so parents also need to be cautious of what they white out. Also, “Myracle argues that to engage with teenagers you need to write honestly about them. Kids need to see …show more content…
People should not ban books because a few bad words Secondly, witchcraft. Let your kids imagine. Also, maybe people should ban the worst books with sexual content. But the books that teach a lesson with sexual content is kind of good. It teaches what goes on in the world.Overall, do not read it if you do not want to but people can’t take away others rights to read what they want to

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