Book Banning In Schools Essay

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Although book banning happens all over the world, the most common challenges occur in school libraries. Most of these battles are fought at the school board level, but on occasions, some do make it to the supreme court. In one of the most famous court cases, in 1982, the Supreme Court ruled in the Board of Education, Island Trees Union Free School District v. Pico. The case however has been regarded as one of the most important decisions concerning the First Amendment rights and school libraries. With this, the Supreme Court set strict parameters under which the board of educators could consider banning a book from it’s selves. Justice William J. Brennan Jr., who presided over the case wrote; that to “prescribe what shall be orthodox in …show more content…
Always trying to constantly be like someone else or have the same morals because that is the popular route to go. Book censorship, in this way, is much like our society. It leads to one central idea: conformity. The few individuals who fight for the bannings of books are all drawn to the idea that everyone should and does function if not have the same morals as them. Our society also teaches us that it is not right to coerce the thoughts of some but inhibit the efforts of another. Libraries should be able to offer information on contrasting viewpoints on historical issues. This should not be removed because of differing partisan or doctrinal views. Oscar Wilde once wrote that “The books that the world calls immoral are the books that shows the world it’s shame”. When books are banned it illustrates the world as having their eyes closed. We refuse to see anything else or anything new that is not of tasteful nature. We preach about purity, but the world is anything but pure. it is a dark, sinister place. Sensors pervert and destroy our views of the world. From this, as children, we were only thought about the benevolent factors of life but never about the hard painful lesson that we would eventually face as we get older. The world is an impure, filthy place. In a study of book banning and why they were banned, 28.2% of books were banned because of sexually explicit material. (Book Challenges) Many of

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