Why Should Cell Phone Texts And Emails Are Not As Good Or Helpful Way?

1736 Words Feb 1st, 2016 null Page
There are many reasons why cell phone texts and emails are not as good as talking face-to-face. Technology has come very far in the past decade, and has changed people 's lives in many ways in either a good or helpful way. This technology of letting people communicate this way has not been around long enough to determine the long term effects of texting and emailing more than communicating face-to-face. When there is enough information to detect the long term effects of texting and emailing more than face-to-face conversations, it will be too late to change how people communicate. For the short term of texting and emailing instead of face to face conversations, there are already some uprising problems that people are facing. Some people are worried that our technology has been helping us in one way, but hurting us in another. Texting and emailing are some of the many ways that are destroying our communication from face-to-face. People that own a cell phone or have an email, need to think about how this type of technology can affect their communication skills. When people text each other, and don 't talk face-to-face, their communication skills will start to weaken. Being able to communicate well is something everyone must have for many important reasons. Such as going to a job interview would require great communication skills to prove to someone you are worthy of that job. There are many other reasons that should make people stop and think if they really want to…

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