Why Should Abortion Be Legalized Essay

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Should Abortion be legalized?
Abortion is one of the most popular topics of philosophical and political debates. There are two general schools of thought in the abortion debate. The first school of thought argues that abortion should be legalized, and the second school of thought argues otherwise. This paper sides with the first school of thought after considering the diverse reasons that are found in literature.
There are diverse reasons or premises to support the legalization abortion. Three of these reasons include: efficiency, morality, and practicality. These three reasons where specifically chosen for this paper because they address the religious, philosophical, and political concerns posed by those who uphold the second school of thought. In order words, not only do they justify the legalization of abortion, they also serve as rebuttals to many of the premises posed by the second school of thought.
With regards to efficiency, abortion is the most effective and surest way of spacing and limiting the number of children of couples. The use of condoms, birth control pills, and natural ways of
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This moral principle is the basis for “Pro Choice” advocates, who are also the proponents for legalizing abortion. Abortion empowers women to decide for themselves whether they would want to continue their pregnancy or not. It gives them more power to decide how and when their ability to bear children should be used. One of the counter arguments against this reason is that there are some women who eventually grieved after undergoing legal abortion. Interestingly, dissatisfaction to one’s decision does not mean that the power to decide should be removed. The preservation of the power to choose is the most moral thing to do even if some individuals do not end-up happy after using such power (“Should Abortion be

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