Why School Uniforms Should Be Required Essay

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Alarms chime all over the world, as students jump out of bed and scurry to their closets. As they struggle, deciding what to wear, precious minutes tick by that could be spent finishing up that last bit of homework or studying for a test. The pressure is on to look just right. A uniform would help eliminate all of this and more. The many benefits of uniformity with clothing in schools are significant. School uniforms should be required because they help create an environment that is safer and easier for students to learn. Uniforms help make schools safer in more than one way. An example of how school uniforms help shape a safe environment is that they reduce the risk for theft of more expensive clothing items from fellow students. “High priced designer clothing often puts students at risk of theft and violence from other students” (Daniels). Instead of wearing designer apparel, students could wear less expensive and more conservative school uniforms, which will lessen the possibility of theft. The elimination of mainstream clothing helps give the students a feeling of safety. School uniforms also decrease the amount of bullying, therefore cutting down violence, because all students are wearing like-clothing. The urge to criticize others, based on their clothing, is eliminated, as all students are wearing the same or similar clothes. Another way school uniforms create safety among students in school buildings is that they serve as an immediate indicator of an…

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