Why Roku India Is The Best Affordable Alternative Essays

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The average costs for other entertainment services such as Comcast, Chromecast and Direct TV range from prices such as $49.99, $52.50, and $54.99, which is only the standard average costs. The standard average costs do not include the monthly equipment fee for having their service, the extra prices to watch premium channels or have upgraded packages with a decent amount of channels that shows all types of content. Roku does not have the monthly equipment fee nor does it have expensive packages that consumers are forced to buy or expensive rental fees for entertainment, this is the reason why Roku India is the best and most affordable alternative.
In order to support these low costs that the company will offer, the company needs to breakeven. Roku will have the ability to charge corporations more to offset the pricing for the consumer by displaying advertisements and commercials. Corporate businesses can get in on the advertising by buying ad spots and also incorporate their business in these commercials for a nominal fee.
Commercials advertising packages for corporations to expand their reach to the public in India will increase income for the Roku Company. Roku can charge outside business to advertise and show their commercials in order to support their low costs plans that they offer. Other business will be able to benefit from this idea, such as financial institutions, retail companies, technical companies, and entertainment companies as well.

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