Why Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy Essay

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In 2014, Tennessee passed a controversial law that allowed for the prosecution of pregnant women who gave birth to infants born with complications resulting from maternal narcotic use (Tate, 2014). State prosecutors justified this law as “...the only way to get mothers into drug treatment and stop so many children from being harmed as a result of their mothers using drugs while pregnant”, while the governor of Tennessee asserted that experts in mental health and substance abuse informed his decision to sign the bill (Associated Press, 2014). Being that I am both a resident of Tennessee and an advocate for maternal mental health in general, this law inspired me to review the article “Infant birth outcomes among substance using women: Why quitting smoking during pregnancy is just as important as quitting during illicit drug use ” by Bailey and colleagues (2012). While the law mentioned above stands in stark contrast to the recommendations made by Bailey and colleagues in this paper, surprisingly, this study was funded by the former governor of Tennessee (Phil Bredesen) and the Tennessee Governor’s Office of Children’s Care Coordination.
In this research article, while Bailey and colleagues recognize the adverse effects of illicit substance use during pregnancy on infant outcomes, they hypothesize that the negative consequences of maternal tobacco smoking on infant outcomes may be relatively greater. The authors support this rationale by citing research demonstrating that…

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