Why Primates Are Used? Essay

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Cardiomyocytes derived from human-embryonic-stem-cell for cardiac regenerative therapy in non-human primates.
Recently, a solution to the current epidemic rates of heart failure has been demonstrated in stem cell therapies by providing human cardiomyocytes in a non-human primate. This is a remarkable finding by the Australian cardiologist Dr James Chong and his colleagues which now can allow patients in the advanced stages of heart failure to be potentially cured. It is known that in adult mammals, the heart has the least regenerative capacity compared to the other organs and this solution is vital as the heart is not capable of sufficient repair itself (NewsComAu, 2014).
Why primates are used?
Because the utilisation of the hESC-CMs in small-animal models in previous studies is not clinically relevant to the human species and as a step in creating a more viable clinically relevant therapy, the researcher decides to use non-human primate. The rationale for the study conducted in the non-human primate is that it could offer a “viable alternative” and as a forerunner which allows future research on human trials. The macaques used as the model in the study provides a heart size and rate which are more similar to the human. They also can be used to describe the cell production and many others factors that can influence the treatment while permitting mechanistic studies which not yet can be done in human.
Human embryonic stem cells (hESC)
Human embryonic stem cells (hESC) are…

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