Why People Commit Suicide By Using Her Knowledge Of Psychology And Preventive Medicine

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In this article the author attempts to answer why people commit suicide by using her knowledge of psychology and preventive medicine. Like the other article state suicide is increasing in frequency within the United States. The people who are shown to be most at risk are white men, women and teenagers, but why is this the case? According to the CDC “America loses approximately 100 Americans every 24 hours from suicide,” with ages 18 to 24 being the largest group committing suicide. With the connotation that the millennial generation being lazy and entitled, most employers don’t want to employ them and the older generations don’t feel any sympathy for their hardships. The technology is also to blame for the increase in suicides in America. Long ago bullying used to be face to face, however cyberbully has become increasingly popular as a mean to belittle one’s fellow peers. It is much more difficult to run away from cyberbullying when using the computer and internet is required to function in this society. This causes a lost sense of hope for those who are being bullied as they feel that they cannot escape it and try to escape it through taking their own life. When one’s country is at peace, one’s mind is not at peace. During the 2010’s the military saw more suicide than ever before with the millennial soldiers. Loss of one’s identity is also an effect of lacking a job and the impending feeling that most students are going to get out of college with a degree they cannot use.…

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