Social Factors And Emile Durkheim's Theory Of Suicide

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Suicide is consider an act of taking one’s life voluntary or intentionally. Until this day studies and observation is still being done to understand the cause or decision to take one’s life. A well know sociologist by the name of Emile Durkheim has pioneered and made an effort to understand a horrifying human action towards one self with case studies and factual data. Many people who commit suicide tend to be portrayed as mentally ill or a lunatic in some cases. Assumptions that seemed factual such as race, climate, and Imation are just reason some may think people commit suicide. Hell, I thought people in Alaska committed suicide because it was too cold, but that’s not true. Durkheim knew that there was more to know about suicide. Durkheim believed social factors played a role in suicide. Social factors and relationship played a big role in Durkheim’s research and case studies.
During the time of Durkheim’s study it was a simple society not much activity went on. Everything was left up to religion; religion created a gate way to findings and brought unity towards the community. It also had great effect on education and motive on suicide. Gender was a factor in suicide however; the circumstances were different among the roles and social factors which contributed to
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Those who do not feel they are valuable towards society as they once were, they feel hopeless with that being said it is the persons duty to take his own life away. People who reach a certain age along with being sick they tend to not want to suffer no more. If a person continues to live there self-esteem becomes low and would want to die. Most of the time egotistical plays apart because that individual feels detached from society. An example is an army veteran, there are praised every year for what they have done yet, as time goes on they figure there is no more to life. Another aspect of altruistic suicide is the connection a veteran had to the

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