Impact Of Conflict Perspective On Suicide

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I. The Issue

Throughout history, suicide has awakened an extraordinarily wide range of reactions within today’s society. Suicide is the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally especially by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind. Suicide is a very controversial subject in society due to it now being an object of scientific study with sociology, anthropology, and psychology. Suicide is mainly perceived to be caused by personal troubles, but it is also a public issue. Often times individual experiences throughout one’s life are abundantly beyond control. These experiences are determined by society as a whole by the historical development and its organization. Yet, in everyday life these personal experiences
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There are many different approaches to which the conflict perspective can be used to explain suicide. Some of these being social class, gender, and race or ethnicity. Social class pressure on an individual may affects the rates of suicide among personnel from lower-income families when it is perceived by the individual he/she has fewer educational or employment opportunities and little hope for his/her near future (Anderson 2009). However, social class inequality cannot alone explain suicide among individuals in society. Gender can also have an impact on suicide in today’s society. Females are more likely to attempt suicide, but males are more likely to succeed in taking their own life. Society often attributes women’s suicidal behavior to problems with relationships, however conflict perspectives believe the social structure on women should be examined when looking into their suicidal ideations (Kendall …show more content…
With my experience with suicide ideations, I believe that one’s environment and social support can have a tremendous impact on suicidal ideations. After high school, one of my friends joined the army. The army is very harsh on soldiers during basic training and offers little to no social support. My friend was constantly getting “smoked” and degraded by the upper ranks. After a few months being in the army, my friend became suicidal due to the lack of social support the army has offered him. Esteem support is very important in prevention suicide. With my experience, the army offers very little esteem support to new coming soldiers and is constantly insulting them. This example follows the functionalist perspective on suicide. Suicide is a very big issue in today’s society. Although there are several different perspectives as to what causes individuals to commit suicide, it needs to be stopped and taken more seriously by our

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