Why Paternity Leave Is Beneficial Essays

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Why paternity leave is beneficial It is outdated that men don’t care as much for children as mothers do. We have seen how the share of parenting increases. The thing is that we do not have the option to take the time off work that a child requires because there is no law that lets parents do that. An article from The Guardian says, “The US is the only developed country that doesn’t guarantee paid maternity or parental leave to workers” (Levin). Although we do not have a law that lets parents take time off work, parents choose to take a few weeks off without getting paid to spend those days with their new baby. The mother as we all know is usually the one who will take more time off work for the care of the new baby. With the father at work the child only spends time with the mother throughout most of the day. A lot of that becomes a routine, and many men get used to the traditional notion of gender. Men can be involved in a child’s life just as much as a mother does. If that is the case just like women can do men jobs, men can do a women job too, that is taking care of a child. Paternity leave is beneficial to the entire family. People may think that taking care of a child is just for women, but having a father caring for a new baby helps positive effects.
Some days will be hard, but most days will be amazing, they should be. Caring and bonding with your child is very important, especially those first days. Paternity leave is beneficial because it helps with their role in…

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