Why Parents Should Let Their Kids Play Dangerous Sports Essays

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The author of the text, “Why Parents Should Let Their Kids Play Dangerous Sports” is Jeb Golinkin, and he believes parents need to let their kids play dangerous sports. Golinkin starts off talking about the movie Gladiator, and how for hundreds and possibly thousands of years humans have always been entertained by violence and dangerous sports. It’s basically in our blood to enjoy activities that are dangerous. Golinkin opens by talking about a Winter X-Games participant who ended up coming short to a jump on a snowmobile. The front skis of the snowmobile smacked the beginning of the landing area, causing the rider to flip over the handlebars. When he flipped, so did the snowmobile and it landed on his head and killed him instantly. Golinkin goes on to say it was the first death in the X-Game’s 18 year history, and the death was broadcasted live on ESPN. Golinkin then talks about how there are so many different sports; football, baseball, hockey, skiing, snowboarding, rugby, and they are all dangerous! Golinkin talks about how today this brings shock and awe to dinner discussions around the country, and even our own President said if he had a son he’d have to think about letting him play football! Next Golinkin says kids should definitely be allowed to play dangerous sports because it gives them the ability to learn skills and lessons they cannot learn anywhere else. Parents deprive their children by not letting them participate in sports! He talks about how he does respect…

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