Why Parents Should Have Produced A Delinquent Essay examples

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In most cases, the background that made shaped me, should have produced a delinquent. My parents were very young in age when they took on the responsibility of child and my mother already had a child before me. So, I lacked the proper guidance a child should have and grew up in a low income household. Most juveniles are missing parental guidance and come from low income households.My parents have been separated since I was two years old, so I have had the benefit of both households. What prevented delinquency in my case, was watching my older brother get into trouble, watching my own parents make mistakes, and my grandparents guidance as I developed. Also, the high school I attended played a big role My older brother lived with my mother, and although she was not as strict as my father, she still had rules. When my brother would get into trouble, I observed and learned what I can do and what I definitely should not do. He was considered a delinquent most of his childhood. He would run away anytime he did not like the punishment that came after his actions, and I saw how emotional that was for my mother and felt it myself. I never ran away from home, even though I did think about it before, because I knew what kind of a hassle it was for the police and my mother. Also, the punishment was not any better after running away. Also, my brother damaged one of our family vehicles, and that was a learning experience in itself. After that day, I learned the importance of respect…

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