The Prison System: The Never-Ending Story

The Never-Ending Story
One Topic that left me confused, is the conversation about the many issues within the prison system. Particularly whether the prison system works and if we as a country are doing more harm than good. Subsequently, we have an incarceration system, of epidemic proportions, that circumscribes its prisoners. In the same respect, this system also conceives new prisoners as a result of this cycle. These effects are aided by laws like Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, which mandates a mandatory amount of time to be served for certain crimes like drug possession. Proponents of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, believe the laws are an effective deterrence against certain serious offenses such as drug and weapon crimes and sexual
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Nevertheless, his story is just one example of how recidivism is apparent in a system that sweeps its’ problems under the rug instead of properly treating the situation. The Game deserved help and alternatives (mentorship program), the family deserved treatment (counseling), but incarceration was the easy way, and it involved a family being torn apart by the prison system (
In like manner, a study done by Professor Anna Aizer of Brown University and Professor Joseph Doyle of MIT- Sloan School of Management, they were seeking to find the long term effects of incarcerating juveniles. In their study they found that the United States incarcerates more juveniles than any other nation by a large margin. Source: Hazel, Neal, Cross-National Comparison of Youth Justice, London: Youth Justice Board, 2008.

But why can this be? Well, I will explain this to you. Juvenile detention is seen by many as a deterrence to a future criminalistic lifestyle. Striving for this goal costs our country nearly 6 billion dollars per year to fund (Aizer,
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These programs help with, but are not limited to: treatment for substance use disorders, housing, job training, job interview training, apprenticeships, employment (Ferner, Programs). Specifically, treatment for substance abuse is a program that would help to lower rates for recidivism for all prisons if implemented correctly or even at all.
All things considered, without properly identifying the patterns of incarceration, lowering it would prove much more difficult. In the same context, it will also provide the means in which incarceration occurs. Children are affected by parents who are incarcerated. Delinquent children held in Juvenile incarceration programs and become products of their environment; as well as all the other cause and effect stepping stone along the way, keep the chances of re-incarceration as an adult, high. But, I will tell you that not is all bad, programs, community, and political leaders are calling for a

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