Why Parents Should Be A Parent Essay

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Receiving the opportunity to be a parent can be one of the most precious gifts that life offers. Being a parent can bring joy, hope, and excitement to an individual, but plentiful of happiness would not overall define what a parent experiences. A newborn requires a lot of attention, they are completely dependent on their parents. As the newborn gradually develops the parents face numerous amounts of complex questions based on how they will raise their children. Parents want to have a positive bond with their children, but they find themselves automatically falling into societies limitations. A parent enters the world of parenting feeling incompetent in the majority of cases, but many parents manage to overcome barriers that suppress relationships with their children. Consequently, parents are rewarded with a feeling of achievement if they manage to bond with their children. On the other hand, if a parent does not feel any reward, they tend to express more frustration when trying to form a relationship with their children.
The article of DeHann (2009) gives us an insight of the negative outcomes that a child can later reveal in life due to their parents negative parenting styles. Two of the distinct factors that were analyzed ivolved overreactivity and warmth. Overractivity and rejection resulted to be positively correlated to internal and external behaviors. As oppose to warmth, warmth was linked negative to internal as well as external behaviors. As a consequence, kids who…

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