Why Mcdonalds Is The Best Job Ever Essay

827 Words Nov 19th, 2015 4 Pages
No kid ever wants to work in fast food. So, when I turned sixteen I promised myself I would never work in a stinky, smelly, fast food joint. So I applied at every “cool” retail shop in the mall. I got one call back but didn’t end up making the cut. Sadly, my worst nightmare came true I had to take the plunge and apply at fast food restaurants. A few days later, I received a call from McDonald’s wanting to set up an interview. I went in for the interview a few days later, and was offered the job on the spot. I have been working at McDonalds for two years, and this is the best job I’ve ever had! McDonalds gives me flexible work hours, and helps me with career development, and benefits. McDonalds is the best job ever, because they allow me to have a flexible work schedule. When I was in high school, I played volleyball and ran track. McDonalds was very kind to work around my sports schedule. They allowed me to take the days off for practices, and games and helped me figure out what was the best times I could work. When I became a full time college student, McDonalds again helped me figure out an availability that fit me best. This helps not put so much on my plate at once. I can have days off when I need to study, and pick up extra hours when I’m ahead in class. Also, McDonalds allows me to have holidays off, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. I can spend quality time with family and friends and not have to worry about working the day away. But even better than…

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